Datacenter Services

Business today is increasingly dependent on IT to meet their business vision. Datacenter being the important element of IT, business wants to mange it most effectively & efficiently and todays datacenter requirements may vary from managing server sprawl to meet security requirements & regulatory compliance, reducing cost, preventing downtime and gaining operational efficiency. It becomes very important to identify a partner who can manage complex IT environment seamlessly so that business can focus on their core business more efficiently. SFITS offers different kind of services to overcome these challenges.

The SFITS Datacenter Services are designed to help streamline your operations, reduce complexity and simplify vendor management thereby improving availability, reliability, performance, and end-user satisfaction:

Datacenter Optimization Service

The optimization service helps you to build new cutting edge technology Datacenters which includes the process of creating a comprehensive datacenter architecture that can quickly absorb technology innovations, agile to the business requirements and reduce cost. Datacenter Optimization service also provides continuous analyses of the performance data and configurations from your datacenter devices to give you a strategic view of your datacenter environment.

  • Strategy and Architecture
  • Cloud Optimization
  • Desktop Virtualization Optimization
  • Network Services Optimization
  • Unified Computing Optimization
  • Storage Area Network (SAN) Optimization

Datacenter Business Continuity Service

In today’s highly competitive business world, service availability is crucial and business can’t afford any down time of it services. SFITS understands the importance of BCP and has been very successful in BCP implementation by meticulously planning to address all aspects of Business continuity with the pool of highly experienced & enterprise certified consultants.

Datacenter Migration Service

Migration to a state-of-the-art datacenter is a strategic initiative that helps enterprises and service providers maintain market leadership, increase business agility, reduce total cost of ownership (TCO), meet regulatory requirements, as well as plan for future growth. Since the data center is the mission-critical service delivery platform for businesses, migrating a data center and all its IT assets is a complex, large-scale change management effort that imposes significant investment and risk. Successful data center migration should address business, architecture, and operational challenges within each layer and across the entire IT stack). These challenges include maintaining business continuity, migrating legacy and packaged application, preserving mission-critical data during migration, realizing virtualization opportunities, preventing security breaches, and realizing green opportunities around power and cooling.

Datacenter Virtualization and consolidation Service

IT executives are under a never-ending mandate to increase the value they deliver to their organizations. Yet, in recent years, overall increases in IT spending have been somewhat limited. Therefore, to fund new development, IT managers need to find ways to reduce the cost of supporting existing systems. Fortunately, for many firms, there is a large opportunity for cost savings: reducing the number of data centers in the organization.

SFITS helps you to develop and deploy a datacenter–wide virtualization strategy that is customized to your IT and business needs. Our highly skilled enterprise and solution architects, virtualization experts and project managers help you to build your virtualized and consolidated datacenters.


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