The challenges facing financial institutions around the globe are unprecedented. Many banking and investment firms continue to see huge disruptions in their business, from mergers and acquisitions to governmental intervention.

Data security is a key risk for financial organizations owing to the vast amount of customer information that is gathered and retained, and the sensitive nature of that information, such as transaction, debt, and personal records. Data is also produced across multiple communications channels, including internet and mobile banking channels, in-person visits to branches.

SFITS’s innovated solutions like Optimal Compute, ThinCompute and iDesktop will bring many benefits to the financial industries.

Features of SFITS IT solutions for the financial industries:

  • Centralized management and security control
  • Strong Data Privacy and Data Production
  • High availability and reliability
  • Lower the TCO and higher the ROI
  • Secured and policy based access to applications, data and desktop
  • Free from IT challenges and risks with higher performance and operational excellence

Benefits of SFITS IT solutions for the financial industries:

  • Greater business and resource agility
  • Very less CAPEX and Lower down the OPEX
  • Robust business recovery and disaster recovery
  • Data loss/theft prevention


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