Manufacturing firms need to support Datacenter and End User Computing for both staff administrative use and in process control workstations controlling key parts of the manufacturing plant and providing process control and monitoring displays to plant workers.

Often operating in the harsh and space-constrained environment of the plant floor, if any of these process control systems fails, it can create unplanned downtime for the entire line or even the whole plant. And undetected errors can result in the loss of a batch or even create a safety risk for plant staff.

SFITS Optimal Computing and ThinCompute provide the cost-effective flexible deployment models needed for with Computer-Integrated-Manufacturing along with the reliability to keep plants up and running around the clock. They keep critical data and computing hardware off the plant floor and in the data center where it can be more easily deployed, monitored, and repaired.

Features of SFITS IT solutions for the manufacturing industries:

  • High Reliable and Resilient infrastructure
  • Easy to Deploy and Manage
  • On Demand and Self Service
  • Secured, Scalable and Agile Solution
  • Improved IT Infrastructure life cycle

Benefits of SFITS IT solutions for the manufacturing industries:

  • Reduced Capital Costs
  • Improved IT productivity
  • Better Service Delivery
  • Lower Environment Impact
  • Satisfy all compliance and security requirements


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