The media industry must find ways to cut costs while offering consumers more choice (and participation) in their media experiences while enabling profitable new revenue streams. For media companies that can adapt quickly, ubiquitous bandwidth and low-cost tools offer tremendous promise. But exploiting those opportunities is no small feat. Gartner research offers valuable insight on the evolving role of information, operational and consumer technologies, including mobile and wireless devices.

Features of SFITS IT solutions for the Media industries:

  • Faster time to market
  • Increased sales by increasing exposure to content
  • A richer flow of information to adapt quickly to changing consumer interests and demand
  • Decreased labor, inventory, and working capital costs
  • Faster, fresher content packaged, identified, and available to the right consumer anywhere, anytime
  • Flexible Infrastructure
  • Easy to adopt Media System Obstruct Services and Centralized Managed
  • Data production, privacy and security
  • Easy setup remote and agile offices
  • Lower the Total Cost of Ownership and Increase ROI

Benefits of SFITS IT solutions for the Media industries:

  • Access from Anywhere, AnyDevice and AnyTime
  • Flexible, Reliable and Resilient
  • Improved IT productivity
  • Higher User Productivity and Resource Utilization
  • Less CAPEX and Optimized OPEX


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