Services firms providing legal, technology or other professional services need to maximize employee productivity that drives billable revenue.

Traditional desktop PCs and laptops often result in lost hours due to outages, downtime and time wasted waiting for remote support and patch cycles. And they place highly confidential client data at risk from leakage due to equipment loss and theft.

SFITS ThinCompute solution will provide the reliability, remote access, and data security needed to support a range of professional services client needs and work locations.

Features of SFITS IT solutions for the services industries:

  • Centralized Management
  • Access from anywhere, any device and anytime
  • Easy to setup and mange Agile Branch office and Remote offices
  • Lower the TCO and higher the ROI
  • Highly Secure

Benefits of SFITS IT solutions for the services industries:

  • Very less CAPEX and Optimized OPEX
  • Easily scalable and flexible solution
  • Adopting to all the required standards and compliance
  • Grow on Demand
  • Better User Experience


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